Avon, Connecticut

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Avon Soccer Club

Memorial Day Tournament Rules


1. The F.I.F.A. / U.S.S.F. Laws of the game shall govern the play of all games, except where provided below.


2. The duration of all games shall be two 25 minute halves. Half time shall be 5 minutes.


3. Any team not ready to play within 5 minutes after the scheduled time for its match shall forfeit the game to its opponent by a score of 3 - 0. A minimum of seven players constitutes a team.


4. If there is a conflict in color of uniforms, the visiting team is required to change shirts. The visiting team is the second team listed on the schedule. The tournament will not provide shirts. It is the team’s responsibility to have alternate shirts.


5. Any player receiving a red card shall be suspended from current game and the next game scheduled. A 2nd red card shall suspend the person for the rest of the tournament. A second yellow card same game will be interpreted as a red card. A coach or bench personal receiving an ejection from a game his or her presence will not be allowed around the field area for the current and next team game. Parking lot or director tent preference.


6. Only players – that current playing the game are allowed on the field of play. All others including bench personal must receive permission to come on the field by referee. Anyone not receiving such permission will be subject to disciplinary action by the referee’s and/or the Tournament Director.


7. Each team is required to provide a lines-person for its side of the field if official lines-persons are not provided.


8. Standings of each age group 11 - 17 shall be decided as follows:

1. 3 points shall be awarded for a win

2. 1 point shall be awarded for a tie

3. 0 points shall be awarded for a loss

4. Teams shall be ranked according to the number of points they have been awarded. And, if there is a tie,    the following system shall be used to determine the final standings:

i. Head to head (when played)

ii. Goal differential (goals scored - goals allowed) up to 3/game

iii. Most shut out victories

iv. Least goals allowed

v. Most goals scored to a maximum of 3/game

vi. Sportsmanship as scored by the referees.


Should there still remain a tie, dual winners shall be proclaimed and trophies will be mailed after the tournament.


9. U9 & U10 Age Groups are Non-Results Oriented.  Neither scores, nor positions will be recorded or recognized.


10. Protests shall not be accepted and may not be lodged. However, if there is a major problem see one of the tournament directors immediately.

11. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the fields or in the parking area is prohibited.

12. Team Field Position - Both teams shall occupy the same side of the field. Spectators will only be allowed on the opposite side (where the bleachers are located).


13. Ball size: 9-12 use ball size #4. 13-16 use ball size #5.


14. Interrupted Play - Should a game be terminated after 20 or more minutes of play, it will be counted as a full game. If any games cannot be played due to playing conditions, we will attempt to play an adjusted schedule. This may include shortened games and / or play on Monday. In the event of schedule adjustments the team coach or designated team contact person will be notified.


15. Dogs are not allowed on the playing fields, in accordance with a town ordinance. This includes the areas surrounding the field of play; i.e., dogs off the grass.


16. Barbecues will NOT be allowed.


17. General Rules:

1. Teams are to report to the field 30 minutes prior to game time.

2. All decisions of the referee are final and binding.

3. The tournament will do its best to schedule five games for each team.

However at the tournament Director’s discretion, the number of games is reduced, the tournament is not liable for any expenses and no refunds for the tournament application fees will be given.


4. The Tournament Committee, Avon Soccer Club, and CJSA will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part. No refund of entry fees will be given.


5. If a team registers and backs out within 20 days of the tournament or if the schedule has been generated, that team will be responsible for finding a replacement team or pay the FULL entrance fee of $615.


6. The tournament reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament and its judgment shall be final.


7. No game will be changed to a different time. Please do not request a different time.


8. First and Second place trophies will be awarded in age group U11 - U17.


9. Registration will take place via Gotsoccer website.  All teams must upload their official roster and a medical release for each player at least 3 days prior to the kickoff of the tournament.  DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AT THE TOURNAMENT.  Each team will arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to their first game at the scorer’s table to check-in.


10. No Guest Players will be allowed.


11. Player identification including one of the following:

i. Player pass id cards stamped by your league or state registrar, or

ii. The counter signature of your league registrar on your roster form (in which case player picture id may be requested), will be required and verified during registration for each player allowed to participate in the tournament.

iii. This identification may be requested by any referee or other tournament official at any time during the tournament.